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What is the cause of failure for the car clutch bearing? How to solve?

Dec 02, 2017

Clutch bearing is an important part of the car, if the maintenance is not good , not only will cause economic losses, but also very difficult to disassembly , it will take a lot of man-hours. So it is important to understand the cause of the clutch bearing failure.

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1. The working temperature is too high, causing overheating.


Many drivers in the cornering or deceleration, always half-pedal the clutch, and some hanging rear foot is still placed on the clutch pedal; some vehicles free stroke adjustment is too large, the clutch is not completely separated, in a semi-engaged, semi-detached state, cause the friction between the disk and the flywheel sliding, resulting in a lot of heat transfer to the separating bearings, bearings heated to a certain temperature, grease melt or dilute flow, make the the separation bearing temperature grows more higher, when the temperature reaches a certain level, it will burn Bad separation bearings.


2 whether the separation lever adjustment is smooth.


Whether the separation fork is distorted, the separation bearing return spring is good, the damage to the separation bearing also has a great influence. Separate the adjustment uneven, separation fork deformation, separation of the bearing spring does not return, will cause the clutch to work in the separation of bearings, so that the separation of the bearing is always in working condition, the temperature is getting higher and higher, easy to burn off the bearing, reducing the bearings service life.


3. Lack of grease and wear.


Clutch release bearings lubricated with grease. Repair workers in the actual work is easy to ignore the problem of lubrication of separate bearings, does not grease the separate bearings when installed, resulting in lack of grease to the clutch release bearings. No lubrication or less lubrication Bearing wear and tear is often separated from the bearing several times to several tens of times. Increased wear and tear, the temperature will also be greatly increased, so that more vulnerable to the separation bearings. So in the repair process, the installation of the clutch must to check the lubrication of separate bearings, timely refueling maintenance.