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The Maintenance To Koyo Deep Groove Ball Bearings Abnormal Sound

Dec 29, 2017

In order to determine whether the disassembly koyo bearings can be reused, need to clean the ball bearings then inspect, carefully check the raceway , rolling surface, with the state of the surface, cage wear, increased bearing clearance and have no related to the reduction of dimensional accuracy of the damage, abnormalities. Non-separable ball bearings, the inner ring with one hand to support the level of rotation, confirm outer ring  whether itfluency or not.

Koyo bearings such as separate bearings, the rolling body, the outer raceway surface can  examined separately. Large deep groove ball bearings can not be rotated by hand, therefore pay attention to check the rolling body, raceway, cage, ribs and other appearance, the higher importance of bearings the more careful inspection.


(1) New koyo bearings put into use the pump, usually after 100 hours of operation to be replaced grease (oil), after every 500 hours of operation to replace 1 time.

(2) the use of grease-lubricated mobile koyo bearings, running 1500 hours, the grease should be replaced, filling the oil must not be too much or too little, because too much or too little grease can cause deep groove ball bearings heat, Refueling volume is generally controlled in the bearing chamber volume 1/2 ~ 2/3 is appropriate.

(3) For bearings lubricated with oil, the oil quantity should be added to the specified position.

(4) Fill the container with ubricating oil or grease should to be clean, usually should be sealed, there should be no dust, iron filings and other debris, so as not to damage the bearings.

(5) Motor deep groove ball bearings generally use sodium-based grease, this grease is characterized by high temperature (125 ℃), but easy to dissolve in water, it can not be used for lubrication koyo bearings.