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Special Attention In The Installation Of High-speed Bearing

Dec 23, 2017

High-speed bearings have two characteristics, one is high precision, one is high temperature. Therefore, both high-speed bearings in accordance with the requirements of high-precision bearings installed, also in accordance with high temperature bearings to install. so when installing high-speed bearings need to take into account the bearing with clearance and clearance.


In the installation of high-speed bearings should to think about 2 points: the hardness caused by temperature changes; centrifugal force caused by high-speed rotation of the force changes and changes in shape!


Necessary conditions for installation


1. The assembly site should be kept as clean as possible without dust.


2. To avoid ina bearings contaminated with dust, pollutants and moisture - contaminants on the bearing have a negative impact to operation and service life.


3. Check the face of bearing housing bore and shaft: geometric and dimensional accuracy and cleanliness.


4. Apply a little oil or a little grease to the mating surface of the bearing ring.


5. Make sure the shaft and housing bore have a guide chamfer of 10 degrees -15 degrees.


6. Do not over-cool bearings: condensation of water can cause bearing and bearing surface corrosion.


7. After installation: Ina bearings filled with lubricant, check the bearing configuration is working properly.