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Slewing ring bearing the use of fever reasons and detailed solution introduction

Nov 04, 2017

Slewing ring is a kind of accessories now used more often , in the course of daily use, it will appear fever situation more or less, and if this situation can not be solved in time, it is a big injury to bearing , hereby is to introduce  what causes a fever in slewing rings and how to deal with it properly.


NSK bearings.jpg

Single row four point contact ball slewing ring

Probable cause one: Slewing bearing shaft size is too large, so the bearings will more tight

Solution: Provide proper tolerance for shaft, tightness is strictly prohibited.


Possible cause two: aluminum three ring ring friction caused by fever

Solution: The installation of seal holes and rings should be coated with grease to reduce friction.


Probable causes three: slewing bearing seat coated grease too much or the oil level is too high

Solution: The slewing ring will remove excess grease through the seal bore, and the oil lubrication will reduce the oil level to just below the bearing housing.


Possible cause four: Improper grease or lubricant lead to lubricant failure

Solution: Reselect the appropriate type of lubricant.


Possible causes five: lower oil level, lack of grease

Solution: The outside of the shaft diameter oil level should be just below the cage, filling the appropriate grease.


Possible reason 6: inner ring and sealed ring friction causes fever

Solution: In this case, stop the machine and check the clamping ring screws to ensure the inner ring firmly attached to the shaft, to ensure that the free end of the bearing is installed correctly, the roller and the outer ring center line alignment.


The above is about the cause of the slewing ring fever and solution to the introduction, of course, caused by overheating slewing ring there may be many reasons, in order to ensure the normal use slewing bearing, you want to encounter slewing bearing overheating, timely shutdown check , Find out the cause and deal with it, to prevent the slewing bearing shorten the service life.