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Several maintenance performance of NSK bearings are more durable

Dec 19, 2016

1, cleaning

Official website of NSK bearings Japan NSK bearings check, first with photography and other methods to make the appearance record. In addition, verify that the amount of remaining lubricants and lubricant samples, then clean the bearings.

A, bearing wash purge of rough and refined, and can use the metal grid on the bottom of the container.

B, crude wash, brush in the oil to remove grease or adhesive material. When turning in the oil bearing at this time, Japan NSK bearing official website note due to foreign bodies such as rolling surface.

C, refined wash, slowly turning in the oil bearing must be conducted carefully.

NSK website commonly used cleaning agent for aqueous neutral diesel or kerosene, according to temp occasionally, Lye, etc. No matter what kind of cleaning agents, are often filtered clean.

After cleaning, immediately or antirust grease coating antirust oil on the bearings.

2, check with the judge

In order to judge of the next Japan NSK bearing can be reused, must check the accuracy of its size, rotation, internal clearance and mating surfaces, Raceway, cage and seals, and so on.