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Preventive Measures for Rolling Bearing Failure

Sep 23, 2017

Preventive Measures for Rolling Bearing Failure

First, Well done the assembly work to the roller bearing, the inner ring and journal of rolling bearing should be match reasonable, so that the interference meet the design requirements, to avoid interference is too small caused the inner ring and axis emits heat while they slide, meanwhile to avoid the interference too big caused inner ring raceway damaged because of the bearing clearance is too small, roller can not be free to rotate and stuck phenomenon.

Second, Check every parts of bearing whether it exists quality failure before assembly, after finish the assembly, should detected carefully whether it can rotate free and without noise and resistance.

tapered roller bearing.jpg

  Third,regularly add grease to the rolling bearing, ensure that the quality of grease itself to meet the standard requirements, and check the grease without particles then filling, the amount of grease should be strictly meet the bearing’s design requirement, to make sure the bearing under the best working condition, at the same time, well done the seal working of bearing, to prevent grease overflow.

  Fourth, regularly check the grease inside the bearing, once found there has particles inside grease need to remove this bearing in time, with clean gasoline or acetone to clean the bearing sufficient then re-add new clean grease to bearing, then re-stall it and use.