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Maintenance methods of rolling mill bearings

Oct 14, 2017

Rolling mill bearings are used for mining, metallurgy and other rolling mill racks, and a bearing used on rollers.Cylindrical roller bearings are usually subjected to radial loads,and axial loads require deep groove ball bearings or angular contact ball bearings, or tapered roller bearings designed for radial or thrust design. The most commonly used method is oil and gas lubrication or oil mist lubrication to lubricate the cooling bearing.


Such as Kazakhstan, tile, Los and other domestic brands have supply mill bearings, bearings also have their corresponding models, the installation size and domestic brands are not exactly the same, the price and duration there are some differences.

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Roller Bearing Maintenance Cheats: Storage and Keeping

Because the mill bearing is a precision mechanical components, so its storage and keeping requirements are more stringent.


1, Warehouse temperature: because the bearing factory will be coated with anti-rust oil, the temperature is too low or too high will lead to rust-proof oil deterioration, so the warehouse temperature should be controlled at 0-25 .


2, Warehouse humidity: high humidity will lead to bearing corrosion, so the warehouse relative humidity should be controlled at 45% -60%.


3, Warehouse environment: the best storage of rolling mill bearings, if it must be stored with other items, should not together with the storage goods like acid, alkali, salt and other chemicals. The bearing can not be placed on the ground ,and away from the heating pipe.


4, Regular inspection: According to the provisions of the anti-rust bearing products, every 10-12 months need to be regularly checked. If oil seal packaging rusted, should be re-packaging.