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How to install thrust bearing? Thrust bearing installation tips

Nov 18, 2017

Thrust bearings have four-point angular contact ball bearings, double row (single row) angular contact ball bearings, two-way thrust cone and cylindrical roller bearings, also recently developed a brake roller bearing radial bearings.

NSK thrust ball bearing.jpg

Four-point angular contact ball bearings, double (single) row angular contact ball bearings are used as thrust bearings, and not allowed to bear the load in the radial, so the bearing bore corresponding to the assembly of these parts of the bearing, the diameter must be greater than the bearing About 0.5 mm in diameter. Or roller diameter is smaller than the bearing diameter about 0.5 mm.

For four-point contact ball bearings, do not install the same type of separation ring interchangeable to prevent the factory to change the axial clearance.

Two-way thrust tapered roller or double thrust cylindrical roller bearings in the septum, the same type of bearings are not interchangeable to prevent changes in the factory axial clearance.

Thrust bearing inner ring end face must be pressed tight, and the axial direction should locked. In order to avoid its relative rotation on the roll neck, causing roll neck with the wear and tear, burns.

Brake roller axial force bearings are used by two axial bearing housing positioning, and adjust the axial clearance. When installing the bearing housing, make sure that the inner and outer rings of the bearing are tightly attached to the inner and outer rings of the main bearing. When fixing the bearing housing on both sides of the frame in the axial direction, pay attention to eliminate the axial movement of the bearing housing toward the shaft end during the process of introducing the bearing housing into both sides of the frame.