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FAG bearing damage excluding maintenance

Dec 19, 2016

By FAG bearing failure and deterioration of performance parameters to judge and predict the reliability and performance of bearings, parts of the abnormal situation, identification and judgment of the causes and degree of risk, decided to repair and improve the method of integrated technology. So bearing fault diagnosis technologies is not a simple fault detection (or monitoring) technology, is not a simple inspection of instrumentation. Signal correctly, quickly and effectively, data processing, manual or automatic identification and judging. In order to determine the repair cycle of science, also based on the failure mechanisms, necessary tests and estimation of the fatigue, wear life.

FAG bearing fatigue failure was a failure of the surface form, mainly for the fatigue crack initiation, propagation and fracture process in alternating load resulting from failed the long-term impacts of metals. Cracks in two ways:

1, and from surface Shang see, this is bearing in scroll contact process in the, due to in work surface of plastic deformation and strain hardening surface of contact stress periodic changes by caused of external load of role, and finally in small crack from development of within surface, in both Zhijian of surface crack of formed, due to work surface of wedged into lubricant, open of power, severe combat in wall Shang, forced crack forward advance;

2, from the surface, again under pressure, surface contact, initially in the exposed crack on surface of a certain depth of cracks and along the direction of the surface angle, to a certain depth from surface at the contact surface, and beyond the surface, corrosion and eventually stripped, leaving a hole.

From FAG bearing surface Shang see, also is from surface layer of crack, this two a target (parts carburizing, quenching and other surface heat treatment, Hou if has hardness not uniform, organization, and non-uniform of within force and other adverse, is contact stress General is from produced instead of underground crack of effect Xia, if parts surface quality poor, exists a defects (oxidation, off carbon), friction or lubrication bad, from surface crack. Control method of Raceway: waviness of selecting low noise bearings small bearings, carefully select the use conditions. Raceway often affects the entire mechanical noise, reducing roller can reduce mechanical noise.