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Common malfunction of rolling bearing

Sep 16, 2017

1.1 malfunction type

The common fault of rolling bearing has below types: First, bearing rotation with great resistance and accompanied by heat.

Second, Has unusual sound when bearing is rotating, Third, the bearing produces regular or irregular vibration. Fourth, the raceway of inner, outer ring and roller surface generate stripping or crack, the cage damaged and etc.

1.2 Causes of failure

The main reasons of above fault produced are as follows:

Fisrt, careless inspect before bearing assembling, while inspecting to the inner and outer ring, rolling element, retainer and the other parts , to see whether the surface roughness meets the requirement or not ,if it exists crack, rust and so on. Because of the careless inspecting causes some bearings wear and tear easily and even break down while finished the assembly.

Second, immature assembly also causes failure, it includes journal and the bearing hole matching improper, bearing assembly method is not correct, improper assembly temperature control, bearing assembly of radial and axial clearance improper control and so on.


Third, due to the amount of grease is not appropriate lead to bearing burn failure, grease in the rolling bearing lubrication components to reduce the friction between the various parts of the role, such as grease consumption is too small will lead to insufficient bearing lubrication, Each part of the friction and heat, and if the grease will increase the excessive bearing resistance, so that the high-speed rotation of the bearing in the high-speed rotation during the state, resulting in a lot of heat; In addition, if the grease contains foreign matter or Poor quality lead to long-term operation after the particles will increase the friction of the bearing, resulting in friction and heat.

Fourth, the rolling bearing components are hard metal, although with great stiffness and strength, but the metal itself, the poor tolerance, resulting in its impact resistance and fatigue resistance is poor, once the deformation can not be automatically restored , If only fever and not issued a strange sound, the bearing is worn in the process is difficult to be aware of.